Curiosity got the better of tough, Lowveld men when the Moroccan Barber recently opened its doors at the Sonpark Boulevard. The guys in the area simply had to find out what “hot towel shave” meant, resulting in a steady flow of feet crossing the barber shop threshold within opening week.

The ritzy interior is a big drawing card, and business co-owner Satif Akerzoul managed to create a stylish man cave by combining plush leather couches and fancy barber chairs with décor elements from his homeland, Morocco.

Observing Satif at work, it becomes clear that he is an absolute perfectionist. “I love cutting men’s hair. I see myself as an artist, and I can’t send someone home if I’m not happy with the end result, so I try to take my time and make it perfect.”

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Shaving beards is also something that he prides himself and his staff on, and the famous “hot towel shave” seems like it may very well be the masculine version of a traditional facial. “To shave beards, we use a hot towel. It’s placed on the beards to soften the hair, and it’s very relaxing! Afterwards we brush shaving foam on, and then give the guys a good, close shave with a sharp razor.”

Satif says that, contrary to popular belief, the men like to join in a good skinder when visiting their barber. “There’s a lot of conversation going on, anytime you walk in here there will be people chatting. The guys joke and chat with each other and with their barbers… and you know men, we mostly talk about women!”

The barber shop experience is high on Satif’s priority list. “We have a Moroccan Barber in Johannesburg, and we are opening one in Maputo soon. We are also looking to expand to Namibia and Botswana from there on, so it is sort of like a franchise. I want people to walk in and have the same quality experience in all the shops.”

Satif recommends that customers should come in with photographs, especially if they have something specific in mind, “We know better what the clients want if we can see a picture”. But if it’s not possible, the men at the Moroccan Barber’s will make their recommendation, and then it is best to agree – as the slogan on their uniforms proclaim: “Never argue with your barber”. Satif rightly explains, you simply don’t look for trouble with someone hovering over your head of hair with a pair of clippers or a razor in hand.

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The Moroccan Barber is situated at Sonpark Shopping Centre. They offer gents and kids haircuts, hot towel shaves, hair tinting and more.

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